Sport Fishing Charters Sydney

Sport fishing is perhaps one of the greatest challenges that faces the modern angler. The aim is to catch the largest fish possible, on as light a line as possible. We offer this challenge to our clients by enabling them to catch monster fish around Sydney.

Sport fishing is a “reel” rush for both the experienced and first-time anglers.

Man and large fish on sport fishing trip with Wahoo Fishing Charters

Our Trips

Wahoo Fishing Charters offers exciting jigging trips catering for a maximum of 8 anglers for a group booking, or a combination of individual anglers on allocated charters.

We head out to the offshore reefs chasing the all-mighty Kingfish.  On our Jigging Charters, most people like to bring their own rods and jigs. Don’t have your own gear? We’ll lend you professional equipment. Jigs are supplied on a ‘pay as you lose’ basis. We use river to sea jigs and have a wide range of sizes and colours to choose from. We use Shimano Saragosa reels and Stella reels with Shimano rods.

Making Fishing Fun

Fish prowl under these man-made structures to feed and seek shelter. The most common way to catch these fish is by using live yellowtail. We also use poppers, soft plastics, or a cube of pilchard. This makes fishing fun when you see these predators take your bait literally out of your hands.

A man and his large catch.

Fishing with light tackle makes it all the more exciting.

Wahoo Sport Fishing Charters based in Sydney will have you catching the fish of a lifetime.

Wahoo Charters is able to take you out to fish for the common sportfish known as the Dolfinfish or also known as Mahi Mahi.

Let Wahoo take you on your next sports fishing adventure. Make sure you bring your camera!

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For sport fishing charters in NSW,

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