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Catching fish is an art. Yet with technology and equipment constantly upgrading and changing, the sport itself has evolved to give anglers the opportunity to catch bigger fish, have more intense fishing experiences and try different fishing techniques.

One of the more recent styles of fishing that has gained traction in Australia recently is deep drop fishing. This requires fishing along the seabed offshore in depths of 100m or more. So why fish in the deepest parts of the ocean?

What will I catch bottom fishing?

This style of bottom fishing comes down to the thrill and the type of fish that dwell at the sea floor. Once you’ve found the best spot, deep drop fishing takes a lot of technique and tactics to hook a monster fish.

Some of the fish you may find on your line are the red snapper, tuna, swordfish, sea bass, grouper, nannygai, perch, and morwong. And as you can see, it’s definitely worth the trip.

How do you rig deep drop fishing?

Fishing in deep waters requires you to rig and bait the line differently.

Start with a paternoster rig with additional hooks. Use a firm rod and a fast taper to cope with the heavy weight of large sinkers. Using a battery powered light is also recommended to make the bait visible in the deep waters.

Electric reels are a welcome addition as fishing in waters from 100m or more in depth means it can take up to 25 minutes to reel a line in to change the bait.

Bait? Use squid, mullet, octopus, salmon or tuna – the fresher the better. And by setting several baits at different depths you have a better opportunity at nabbing a bottom feeder.

Live bait is highly recommended, especially when fishing for bigger fish like swordfish. Otherwise use strip baits that are hooked so it moves naturally.

How much weight do I need for bottom fishing?

Deep drop fishing requires a heavy weight to allow the bait to sink to the sea floor. This means keeping the bait in position with two weights while remembering to adjust the weight depending on weather conditions. In most cases, a 3 kg weight is used with a 1 kg weight added to the hook. This helps to stop the lines from tangling as they drop to the bottom.

What other fishing techniques do I consider?

There are a lot of techniques to consider when it comes to deep drop fishing. This is mainly because of the equipment you need to fish at depths that are more than 100 metres. Yet with all the technology available, you still need to contemplate the following:

  • Speed of the ocean current
  • Wind
  • The seabed structures such as ledges, wonky holes, humps
  • The fish you are chasing and where they are
  • Fishing regulations

When you have taken all of these into consideration and you know the fish you’re chasing, you’re ready to find a charter and start fishing.

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Deep drop fishing requires the right equipment to make sure you’re in the right location with the right gear for the job.

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